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Charity Ballot Boxes

Giving to charity

Giving to charity is a powerful mood enhancer. Helping others is empowering and can produce positive emotions like happiness and fulfilment. According to a study, giving to a good cause is linked to increased activity in the brain’s pleasure-registering area. This result gives credence to the maxim that giving is always preferable to receiving.

This is supported by the investigation of why people give. When questioning 700 philanthropic donors about what inspires them to donate consistently to charity, 42% said that the joy of giving is a major motivator.

Indeed, depending on the uses, the opacity of the Charity Ballot Boxes or its transparency makes it possible to hide or show the content. Thus, a transparent Plexiglas ballot box allows the assessors to see that it is empty at the start of the ballot, which will not be the case with an opaque plastic ballot box.

For example, if using a ballot box to collect paper ballots without an envelope, for a vote or a contest, anyone can observe the vote, or copy a ballot answer for a game. In these cases, the opaque ballot box will be more suitable.

Collecting suggestions allows us to measure and, above all, to collect ideas to improve a service or a product. Shopping in a store and regularly seeing an empty ballot box, would anyone dare to bring them a newsletter with the comments?

Locks and padlocks for ballot boxes

Supposing the Ballot Boxes contain donations or money. In this case, locks seem necessary. For elections and contests, ballot boxes are generally with closures which are either padlocks or key locks, but nothing is compulsory for private polls and surveys.

Charity Ballot Boxes for charity collections exist in diverse forms, dimensions, materials, and hues. Each style has unique characteristics and is better suited to a particular type of charity fundraising.

Basic cardboard and paper collection box for charities

  • Can be easily used by displaying it on a desk, checkout counter, etc.
  • Low production costs mean more money is donated to the cause.
  • Rapid lead time for production
  • Flat boxed for simple shipment and storage
  • High-quality printing enhances the impact and clarity of the charity’s message or emblem.


These cubed charity boxes are made of sturdy acrylic. These little donation boxes are ideal for usage in various settings, including retail, point-of-purchase displays, museums, hotels, reception areas, waiting areas, supermarkets, and workplaces. There are many sizes available for donation boxes, one of which is below, available in the Direct Fundraising online shop.

Features and advantages of the Acrylic A6 Donation Box

  • Injection moulded in clear high impact acrylic
  • Outside measurements are 155mm W X 102mm H X 108mm.
  • Large slot on top of the box suitable for notes and coins
  • Leaflet display area to advertise your cause.
  • Supplied with 2 Keys
  • Two keys are provided for the lockable door at the back of the case.

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