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Money Boxes For Charity

Money Collection Boxes for Charity

Here at Direct Fundraising, we do whatever we can to not only facilitate and help charities to carry out their vital services for the good of local communities, and nationwide or worldwide fundraising and awareness, but to catch the notice of the people who will donate and support the cause.


One great way we do this is by providing a huge choice of money boxes for charity.  As a leading provider of an abundance of plastic money boxes, you can rely on us to have the exact choice you need for your charity. Whether you want something fun or functional, we can provide it all.  From charities money boxes shaped like a house to a teddy bear, from a phone to ones shaped like a whale, there is no lack of choice when it comes to the type of cause you are raising funds for.


Plastic Money Boxes

For example, if you are fundraising for children, then no matter what age people are, having something that brings back childhood feelings and reminds us of the time when we were more carefree can help people realise the need for them to donate to a vital cause.  Similarly, having charity money boxes for animal’s can be better served if you have a money box in the shape of the animal that is to be helped.


When you have a money box in your hand, or on a shop counter that grabs people’s attention and lets them know, from a distance what kind of a charity they could be supporting, you are more likely to get more donations from passer-by’s as well as those actively looking for your charity.


With our choice of see-through money boxes, you also encourage people to donate when they can see how far your efforts have gotten you.  When donators to a charity can see the collective efforts of all, it can help motivate them to add to the achievements of the cause.  A clear plastic money box helps other to see the funds grow as people generously give.


Money Boxes For Charity

A lot of people like to use their change that they collect when out shopping to place in a money box for a good cause.  If you have a bright and clearly marked labelled charity container on a counter, reception table, or anywhere else a public place, you are more likely to get the funds you need to support your cause.


These money boxes are also small and compact enough, and are all set at an excellent price, to be distributed out to any supporting fundraisers.  For example, if you have a target of funds that are being collected over a particular event, you could distribute a number of them to be used by those that have enlisted to take part in the special charity fundraising.  Sponsored activities and events are much more likely to make their mark if they have the money collection boxes for the charity on hand to support the occasion.


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