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Tips on How to Run a Charity Event

There are two reasons for holding a charity event. First, it’s to make people more aware of a cause. The second is to raise some money. People are naturally charitable. Because they know the¬†importance of giving to charity, they are willing to share to make a difference through the organization that they’re helping.

If you’re planning to organize an event, you are in control to explain your charity and how it can help create better lives. For better planning, continue reading to know how to run a charity event.

  1. Decide on a Budget

Since you are a non-profit organization, you will depend on donations, sponsors, and ticket sales for the event expenses. Some of the money would be used for upkeep costs. That’s why a budget that you can stick to is important. Though you would want to impress your guests, you don’t want to make your event extravagant. That’s because you might end up not giving as much to your charity.

  1. Pick a Theme

To make your event more fun, it’s best to have a theme. Most people believe that because it’s a charity event to raise awareness, it has to be very serious. But, this is not the case all the time. You can still make a happy event with an appropriate theme.

  1. Pick the Right Venue

This step is connected with your budget. You would want a memorable venue for the event. But, you have to keep in mind that this will likely take the biggest chunk of your expenses. To make the most out of your venue, consider these tips:

  1. Pick a venue that suits your theme

Make sure there’s enough space for people, booths, and equipment. If possible, choose a venue that is known for holding charity events.

  1. Advertise your event on social media

The best place to promote your charity is through social media platforms. You also get to stick to your budget since you don’t need to spend much. Weeks before your event, you can have an event hashtag to use in your posts. You also tell the guests to use it.

You can update, give statistical details about your charity’s cause, and request donations in your posts. You can also share inspirational stories from people who benefitted from charities similar to yours.

Images or video clips that depict the importance of your charity are also great for your posts. Before the event, you can also utilize social media to raise funds.

  1. Continue with the promotions even after the event

Even after the event, you have to continue to promote it. The cause you are helping does not stop when the event is over, so you have to make people aware. This way, you can encourage them to contribute.

A few days after the event, keep on using the hashtag and request people to give donations. It is also necessary to update regarding the money you’ve collected and how the charity intends to use it.

You can also share some photos or posts related to activities post-event, such as giving a check to the organization your charity is helping. People donate because they support your cause. So, posting these can make them realize the difference they’ve made by lending a hand.


Finally, planning a charity event is not easy, but you can strategize and run your event successfully by keeping in mind the tips mentioned above. Another crucial factor that will help your event be more memorable and easier to accomplish is the use of collection boxes.

Direct Fundraising offers charity collection boxes, pots, buckets, and more, which you can use to boost your charity drive and get more attention. They’ve been in the industry for more than two decades, so expect a wide range of choices.

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