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In recent years, fundraisers have found that when you use charity merchandise, UK donors are more likely to support local charities.  In fact, during a recent survey it was found that 87% of contributors to charities found the name of their chosen charity on promotional products such as the charity fundraising merchandise available here.  This is due to the fact that your charity merch is effectively advertising your cause and spreading the awareness it needs to receive notable support.

Advertising your charity, using fundraising promotional merchandise can have a significant influence on what moves your audience to give generously or to offer support through fundraising events.  For example, our office supplies, mugs or stationery may move particular local businesses to use fundraising for your charity as a team building exercise when company training days are organised.  Or a company may choose to sponsor your charity and therefore help in further advertising your cause.

We at Direct Fundraising are the complete charity merchandise suppliers, UK charities can count on.  With a massive supply and variety of charity fundraising promotional merchandise available, printed with your logo to very high standards in our own art studio and with our printing services, we can get knowledge of your trust and funding out there in public view.

We can also supply any merchandise for display boxes such as wrist bands, badges, trolley coins, ribbons, cute logo bugs, and much more.  Balloons, teddy bears, stress squishies, fridge magnets and car window stickers make excellent goodie bag fillers for promotional events and promotional prizes, spreading awareness of your charity to people of all ages.

We have been major charity merchandise suppliers for over 25 years and boast excellent customer service.  Should you need any advice or information from us, or wish to set up and account, contact us today.