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When you need to get people’s attention, a clever catchphrase will do, but when more is needed, a poster is the perfect choice.  On a display poster donation box, you can grab the attention of onlookers, and provide all of that extra information they need in order to know what your cause or charity is for and how they can help.

At the times you cannot always have collection charity workers present, our choice of display poster collection boxes is an excellent alternative.  Here, you can add any additional information that the general public need to spread awareness, highlight the different ways they can help, and explain the various uses of contributions.

All of the display poster charity boxes come as a collection box with a lock and key, and security chains can be provided for very little extra to ensure they are kept secure while they are being filled.  This means that the display poster donation boxes can be left in more places, making it easier to get your message out there and get your display poster charity boxes filled.

As always Direct Fundraising have provided you with plenty of choice.  Our acrylic interchangeable collection box comes in a choice of bright and fun colours that can be used to match your A5 charity poster.  The clear acrylic comes in a choice of two colours and allows you to insert your poster at the back of the box.  This is a popular choice when you want to provide inspirational markers as an indication of the efforts and money that has been gathered for charity.

The Dual Interchangeable Donation Box we have available is a good choice for local charities that require the support of their communities to support and help various causes in the area. We also have a wedge collection box and a Coinstar interchangeable collection box available.