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Clear Collection Boxes

Here at Direct Fundraising, we specialise in providing organisations with charity collection boxes and other related products. As part of our range of charity boxes, we are pleased to supply clear donation boxes.

Our clear collection boxes come in ten different designs, which can also be customised with your own design. For example, when you use a transparent donation collection box, you can label it clearly with your chosen charity, and see the money as the main body is see-through.

Clear Donation Box

Made of clear acrylic, we offer an interchangeable collection box, which can feature an A5 leaflet at the back of the box for advertising. Designed to sit on a counter, we offer house box designs, which can also be used for three different charities. As well as clear house donation box designs, we also offer simple square designs, and a cylindrical metro box design.

Additionally, we provide floor standing clear collection boxes, which are made from transparent acrylic and can be customised in the same way, directly onto the material of the donation box. It also features a lock on the side, with a security point at the back.

To discover more for your home or organisation, or any other products, simply get in touch with the team today and we will be happy to help with any questions you may have for us.