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Printed Charity Banner

For the times when your charity needs to spread awareness about the work you are doing and the needs for continued, regular and loyal support from donators, look at our choice of banners.

Our PVC printed banners for charities can come in a choice of sizes, or you can choose the standard size of our printed roller banner that comes with a banner stand.  The beauty of these two choices is that you can either mount your PVC printed banner from high to catch people’s attention from afar, or to help them identify where a charity event is being held, or you stand near a roller banner allowing people the ability to read more specific information and ask you any related questions.  Some charity events may even see fit to use both of these banners for any larger charity events.

Banners For Charities

For example, charity marathons, and sponsored events are becoming a more popular way of raising money for causes.  Lots of people love to enter races and similar events to help join the endeavours of valued charities in doing some good for others.  Our banners would be the perfect to mark where the start and finish line of the race is, while at the same time making spectators aware that this is not just an ordinary competitive run or sport, but an event with the set purpose of raising money for your charity.   The roller banners can be used to direct people to an information desk so that they then can find out more, and learn how they too can play a part.

A roller printed banner is also good for when you attend local festivals, or if you are setting up a booth or gazebo in a local town or market to spread awareness and encourage donations.  A banner allows onlookers to learn more about what you do, without them feeling the pressure to commit to donating.  Once a person knows what the cause is, it is more likely to motivate a spirit of giving that is not based on embarrassment or obligation, and they will be more inclined to ask you for more information.  These banners can also be left next to any one of our free-standing charity boxes.

Printed Banners For Charities

The roll up printed charity banner is also easy to pack away and simple to carry.  With a case that it rolls and compacts into, and a handy handle to hold, you can be set up at any event, and tidied away in minutes.

The large banners are charged per square metres, and can therefore be made to perfectly present your image and design to the public eye just the way you want it.  It has a high-quality waterproof matt finish that will not fade in bright sunlight and can be presented in full-colour, giving you a wider range of choice when it comes to your chosen picture design.  Simply send us in the details with your order and we will do the rest.

For advice on how to choose the right size for your needs you can contact us for more information. Direct Fundraising would be more than happy to help.