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When your charity is trying to fundraise, a lot can be said for adding the human touch.  Whereas stand-alone money boxes, placards and promotional charity merchandise can do a lot to spread awareness and keep your charity fresh in peoples minds, the truth is that people are often more inclined to donate when approached by a fundraiser.  This is because they can see the face behind the cause, and people who care enough to wear their charity collection day clothing, and work hard raising funds for a good cause.

In the hustle and bustle of the high-street, whether people are running important errands, out shopping with friends, or just passing through, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd.  Colour, noise and advertisements abound, making it harder and harder to get your charity in plain sight.  This is where Direct Fundraising’s choice of charity clothing and collection day clothing helps.  Using bright colours on our tabards, t-shirts and polo shirts, that stand out, we can help you and your fellow charity workers to be clearly seen, grabbing the attention of shoppers and the general public.

If you have a number of charity workers, then having charity worker clothing that identifies you all as a team can have a strong positive impact on the community.   We have the same printing options with our charity collection day clothing as we do with all of our products, giving you the option to state clearly who you and your charity staff are with your logo printed on every item of charity collection day clothes you purchase for your cause.

If you are participating in an event to raise funds then our charity clothing would be perfect in order to inform anyone watching what you are doing it for.

So, for collection day clothes for charity and fundraising events, get in contact.