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From a choice of clear see-through floor standing charity boxes, to wooden floor standing donation boxes, Direct Fundraising have everything you need to support your charity and encourage donations to your cause that will suit the needs of your fundraising activities.  These self-standing charity units allow you to reinforce the message and need for donations and support of the local communities and general public, without the need for active fundraising staff and security monitoring the box, or the monetary donations that have being made.

The clear see-through boxes encourage people to give inspired by the efforts they can see others have made, or that is needed, and encourages open appreciation for the local services that can be enhanced by public support.  For example, libraries, museums and art galleries are valued public buildings and communal properties that everyone benefits from.  These places are about people, about history and about community.  Our floor standing charity units encourages all to remember this fact, and, silently helps people to remember these institutions belong to everyone.  These boxes are plaques, information boards and pillars that proudly spread awareness of the need for local support and charitable donations.

Zig zag or cascade displayed donation boxes add an element of fun and joy to fundraising that can inspire young and old to give what they can to help with community fundraising, or the support of a relief work and charity.

All of our free-standing donation boxes allow for advertising, labels and graphics to be placed in and around the surfaces of the unit.  This also helps to spread awareness even at times when people are not able to donate for one reason or another.

There are secure and robust locks for each floor standing donation box we sell.  We also supply other security products for extra peace of mind.

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