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Money Collection Boxes for Charity

Because a lot of people feel they cannot commit to a regular arrangement of giving to any cause of charity, when it comes to helping us to make the most of our resources to help with a cause, charities money boxes still provide us with one of the best ways doing so.

We all want to be able to give to charities as much as we can, and with what we have available to give.  Even a few pence, pennies and pounds can make a massive difference, especially when added to the charitable donations of everyone combined.

We all end up with those pennies and pence in our wallets and purses that we don’t aways know what to do with, or that we don’t get round to using.  Sometimes, if we have the patience, we may collect them and take them to the bank, or to a coin machine that turns the pence into pounds.  However, having plastic money boxes at hand, either at home, work, the places we shop, public service buildings, or even just held out by charity workers in the local communities, provides us all with a great opportunity to save for a special event, rainy day, or to give to help those in need.

Charities, big and small, recognise the value of these money boxes for charity.  They are a great way to help people remember to give whenever they can while engaged in other day to day activities.

Plastic Money Boxes

Paper or card board money boxes are great for a one-time event, when the money box will no longer be needed once the collection has been taken.  However, plastic money boxes provide us with the ability to fill and refill the boxes again and again for a charity or for personal use, and can last for years and years.  We have many shapes, sizes and designs of money boxes to suit a whole host of charities and needs.  Our see through money boxes are ideal if you want people to see the progress of their donations as it mounts up.  This can make people feel motivated to continue to give, and join in the efforts of others, helping them to enjoy the process as they see the good they, and all those that have donated, can do together to help people and provide the monetary support needed.  See through money boxes are also a good way of helping young ones to appreciate money and how to save, and can give them something to aim for when they see it mounting up.

Money collection boxes for charity can come with labels, allowing you to customise your products to suit your needs.  We also have some boxes that are perfect for personal use, when you are trying to save those pennies.

If you need any support in choosing the right charity merchandise for you, a charity event, or other cause, please do not hesitate to get in contact with our team here at Direct Fundraising.