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Display boxes are the perfect way to support your charity, by gaining recognition and funds, while working hand in hand with any active charity fundraisers.  These helpful and non-intrusive boxes allow you to encourage people to continue being aware of your cause even when they are on general business or personal errands.  A donation display box is a silent champion of your cause, providing a convenient way for local shops, offices and other public premises such as libraries and communal buildings to give their ready, constant support to your charity.

With these display boxes, UK charities and public services can rely on the support of the local communities, as they continue spreading awareness, and keep the charity and cause in people’s minds as they go about their daily activities.  With a place for donations as well as space in the boxes to display leaflets, pens, tie pins, badges, keyrings and other items as gifts and an extra promotional tool for your charity, these charity display boxes reinforce the advancement and furtherance of your fundraising and relief work.

These donation display boxes also allow for the more private charity supporter to donate at any time they choose.  These boxes can be easily displayed on counter worktops, reception desks and checkouts without overly impacting on other items and services.

With flat pack display boxes available, as well as interchangeable charity boxes, you can order the labels and stickers needed to correctly advertise your charity.  Simply order the labels for donation display boxes and Direct fundraising will be in touch to get your design for printing onto the correct sized labels for your choice of box.

We also provide items such as security chains to keep your fundraising safe, and charity merchandise to use with your boxes as gifts in exchange for donations.

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