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Direct Fundraising are dedicated to making your efforts in serving your charity and cause a success, whether is be via spreading awareness through our supply of merchandise and memorabilia, or with collection stands, collection buckets or a contactless device for donations presented by charity volunteers.

People in general have moved away from carrying loose change and cash, and towards using simpler methods of making transactions using card payments.  This is a convenient and more secure way to use and access funds.  Thankfully, technology has kept up with the times and developed contactless payment methods making it possible to continue appealing to people as they pass by to raise funds for special services, charities and fundraising events.

We have a choice of methods available to help your charity to make use of contactless donation device services.  We can supply you, the fundraiser, with contactless charity devices, or/and provide you, along with your collection boxes or other products, with a free contactless QR code, that enables charitable persons to donate using their own devices and technology.

Our portable contactless fundraising devices available include the Payter Portable Box that is small and compact enough to either be carried by on-foot fundraising personnel, or slipped into one of our floor standing collection units designed specifically with this donation contactless device in mind.  The donation contactless device known as the Wisepad 2, is also a helpful bit piece of fundraising kit, and can be used by anyone wishing to raise funds in whatever capacity they can.  For example, should someone be conducting a sponsored event, this quick and easy device allows you to set your funding at a certain amount so that people can make a donation to your worthy cause quickly and without hindering your fundraising progress.

For more information on the QR labels, or about the contactless fundraising products, contact us today.