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Collection Buckets

Buckets are an incredibly versatile item that we have been using for carrying for millennia. Here at Direct Fundraising, we offer specially designed buckets for collection purposes. Within this range, we provide customers with four different options that have been specifically designed for use as charity collection buckets.

All charity collection buckets come with lids, in order to offer a level of discretion and security when dealing with monetary donations. This is vital when you are collecting on the street, and with our street charity collection bucket, we have a range of colour option to choose from, each reading ‘thank you’ on the quick-fill lid of this 5-litre bucket. The hi-impact collection bucket offers a slopped lid for greater branding impact and for money to enter in from. Alternatively, the mega collection bucket has a flat surface for donations. All bucket options have a capacity of 5-litres and a range of colour options, except our midi bucket, which can hold 1.5 litres and comes with a choice of black or white lid.

Our charity collection buckets are made from a highly durable polypropylene, which is resistant to cracking due to its high tensile and compressive strength. The metal handle is galvanised to resist rusting over time, yet they are fitted with a plastic roller grip to ensure maximum comfort when holding the collection buckets for long shifts. It is possible to personalise each bucket through our digital printed labels, including those for the lids. You can also save money when buying buckets in bigger quantities.