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Whilst some people still carry loose change, or pay with cash and donate the leftover change, contactless cards are coming more and more common. Many people only use their contactless cards. This is why, in addition to coin collection boxes, at Direct Fundraising, we also offer a wide range of contactless donation fundraising boxes.

As well as being convenient for contactless card users, they can also be used safely in both attended and unattended environments. The donor simply selects the amount they would like to donate, with the option to also use chip and PIN, or simply tap with their contactless card to make the donation.

There are various models of contactless fundraiser boxes available, including mains and battery powered ones, those that fit onto the table-top, and portable handheld boxes for use in the street, and special stands that operate at the ideal height when in a fixed place.

If you buy a contactless donation box, it comes with a range of other benefits. It’s easier for charities to manage and track campaigns, and less administrative work. It also encourages spontaneous donations, and has shown to bring a higher average value of donations than coin collection boxes.

We also offer contactless hybrid donation boxes, which also have the option for cash money and Gift Aid envelopes. It’s also possible to add personalised contactless branding, with printed blading plates available in two sizes. There’s also an option to add a free contactless QR code to your coin boxes for an easy alternative for customers coming into contact with regular collection boxes.

If you would like to find out more about our contactless fundraising boxes or any other products, simply get in touch with the team today and we will be pleased to help with any queries you may have for us.