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Here at Direct Fundraising, we specialise in providing organisations with charity collection boxes and other related products. As charity box suppliers, our collection boxes come in three different styles, including the option for a ‘Twist N Click’ collection box, an ‘eco’ charity collection box, or a hi-wedge collection box.

The ‘Twist N Click’ collection box features a recessed quick fill lid, which makes it easy to empty, whist providing a special seal for security. Our ‘eco’ collection boxes are manufactured from recycled milk and juice cartons. Whilst the ‘Twist N Click’ collection box is rectangular and flat, and the ‘eco’ collection box is round and flat, the hi-wedge collection box offers a slanted top, aiding any coin charity donations to slide into the boxes. The ‘Twist N Click’ boxes also have an attached carry cord for street collections, whilst the other models are designed to easily fit onto a counter top.

Each of our standard plastic charity donation boxes can be customised with a full colour printed label for the necessary charity, and a selection of different colours for the colours. You can also make great savings when you buy in bulk and can have the option to include an additional security chain.

If you would like to find out more about our collection boxes or any other products, simply get in touch with the team today and we will be glad to help with any questions you may have for us.