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Free Charity QR Codes

One of the biggest challenges facing traditional charity collections is that less and less people these days carry cash with them.  Whereas at one time, many would take the loose change from their pocket and put it in a handheld collection box or countertop bucket, those same members of the public may now shy away as they no longer carry cash, and are concerned with the security issues around using bank cards.

But as one door closes, another opens.  The use of electronic devices to make payments is now commonplace, and by simply adding a free contactless QR code to the labels on your collection boxes, you can offer the public the option to donate electronically.  The labels you order from Direct Fundraising can be augmented, at no extra cost, with free charity QR codes to enable contactless donations.

How Does It Work?

A ‘contactless donation device’ may sound like a complicated concept, but it’s really just a collection box with a sticker on it.  The clever part is what happens when a member of the public scans your contactless QR code box with their internet-enabled mobile phone.  By using a camera app, the customer scans the code symbol which takes them directly to a Charity Trust page, which allows them to donate electronically.  They can choose the amount, and what’s more all the ancillary processes such as Gift Aid are handled automatically.

In this way, each contactless donation box can be worth far more to your cause than the money placed in the slot.  In fact, contactless fundraising boxes become billboards and donation forums for your charity.  Just add a label and the words ‘Scan to Donate’, and you’re ready to go!

To find out more, or to buy contactless donation box stickers, contact our team today.